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Machine Knives Incoporated will make your Granulator new again with a complete rebuild inside and out.

The inside of the cutting chamber is retrofitted. We fill in worn areas and gaps, build up the sidewalls and grind flat. We check for squareness, precise flatness on all inner walls and top of box where hood is fitted. We fill in any spaces due to wear, where flake/material can escape such as the joints where the upper and lower portions of the box come together.

We rework upper and lower bed knife seats if needed and can retrofit for replaceable bed knife bolt inserts if requested by customer. Screen lip plate, wear strip and cradle are replaced or reworked depending on wear to insure proper placement and fit of screens inside the box. Rotor clearance is insured by final measuring and inspection.

The outside of the box will also look like a new granulator upon completion of our work. We sandblast/pressure wash the exterior of all trash and residue and then re-paint.


Granulator Box with Bed Knives & Screens ready to be installed for accurate fit after rebuild.

Granulator Box on Vertical Lathe for precision milling of Bed Knife Bolt Inserts.

Granulator Box ready to ship after cleaning and painting.


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