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Universal Abrasives is a distributor/supplier of abrasive products in the United States with Corporate Offices located in Monroe, NC. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, we service a vast array of industries with a wide variety of abrasive solutions ranging from Diamond Wheels & Tool Room Wheels, to Bench/Pedestal Wheels & Segments, to Sticks & Bricks, to Belts & Discs, to Rolls & Sheets, to Flapwheels & Buff Pads.

Universal Abrasives products are offered in high performance Aluminum Oxide, Alumina Zirconia, and Silicon Carbide grains and new to our line is our Ceramic finish products. We offer advanced Y, X, J cloth backings and E, F paper backings along with superior resin on resin bonding systems with heat resisting grinding aids and fillers.

Universal Abrasives offers contracts tailored to meet your needs, with guaranteed pricing and delivery from 6 months up to 3 years. Our contracts do not bind you to a certain number of parts you must order per contract period, rather, they are designed to protect you and us with pricing. Apart from our general stock items, we also stock parts in our Reserved Stock area at customer's request, in which parts are held untouched until needed by customer. This means you can rest easy, being assured that when you need your parts, they will be there to ship to all of your multiple locations.


For a quick and competive price quotation, please call or fax product specifications, or for any other questions you may have, please contact us. We at Iook foward to the opportunity to sevice your needs.



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